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I’m a mindfulness teacher and practitioner, entrepreneur, community developer, and revitalization advocate.

In May 2018, My team and I will launch Mindfully Annamarie on Youtube.  I intend to show you mindfulness in action or Everyday Mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the intention to be fully present, with acceptance or no resistance, at this moment, through a deep awareness of the physical body, senses, thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and the world around you.  The mindfulness practice is about the “being,”  and the only way I know to show you the practice is through the “doing;” the everyday ebb and flow of the activity of my life.

I founded Mind Body Align in 2015.  I see the shared-use spaces, available to wellness practitioners (The Butterfly House), and Food Entrepreneurs’ (The Entrepreneurs’ Kitchen), as community development tools.  The two facilities provide support for entrepreneurs which will create jobs and industry in my rust belt community. I believe that to live my best life; I must participate in creating it.  I needed a nourishing space to work, so I created The Butterfly House, and I love good, clean food, so I created a shared-use kitchen for food entrepreneurs.  You will see the joys and challenges of operating a series of small start up businesses in a small rust belt community.

A large part of what Mind Body Align does is facilitate networking events.  These events are designed around the mindfulness practice and focus on personal/professional growth.  I intend that by nourishing our communities women through wellness classes, small business/corporate collaborations, and facilitating networking opportunities, I will be in service to our communities overall health and vitality.

I am the Founding Director of Idea Works, a co-working space located just around the corner from The Butterfly House, and My husband and I are in the process of renovating two downtown buildings for commercial and residential use.  I’m also on the Steering Committee of our communities America In Bloom initiative and am semi-active in a few active transportation organizations, and community health coalitions.  I regularly speak to community service organizations, middle and high school classes, and women’s empowerment groups.   You will see some of the processes of creating, facilitating, and mindfully collaborating on community committee’s and non-profit boards.

In 2017, I launched Align Mindfulness which is a FREE app downloaded from the Apple App Store.  I wanted little reminders to bring me into a state of self- awareness, and although there are a lot of mindfulness app’s on the market, I found that most focus on breathing or guided meditation, which is useful but doesn’t fully support my desire to live mindfully.  Align Mindfulness sends prompts a few times a day, bringing your attention to one aspect of what’s happening in your world.  These reflections help you build a well rounded “mindfulness” muscle by offering variety in where you place your awareness.  It is intentionally simple and meant to supplement other meditation and breathing apps on the market, as well as your meditation routine.  Join me and my team as we navigate the building of a global app.

Yes, I’m a mindfulness teacher and practitioner, entrepreneur, community developer, and revitalization advocate.  And, I do these things as a result of my mindfulness practice.  I hope that through the video blog, website, Facebook, and Instagram, you will learn how you can apply mindfulness to your everyday life




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